Small and Medium River Monitoring System

Small and medium-sized rivers have become the weak link in the flood prevention and disaster reduction system due to their wide distribution and poor flood control infrastructure. In response to this, Hrunan, based on its own industry experience, independently developed a small and medium-sized river monitoring system that conducts real-time monitoring of river hydrological information, rainfall information, etc.

main function

Water level monitoring

Realize real-time monitoring of river water level, flow rate and other information, automatically collect data statistics, realize real-time monitoring of water levels in small and medium-sized rivers, and issue flood alarm notifications to ensure timely reporting of water level warning information.

Rainfall monitoring

Real-time monitoring of rainfall information is achieved. The platform displays rainfall information for a certain period of time and issues timely alarm notifications for abnormalities, thus ensuring the safety of the downstream areas of small and medium-sized rivers during the flood season.

Video monitoring

By connecting to the video camera, the center can monitor the on-site video images. The video telemetry terminal is used to support the superposition and reporting of video image data to the monitoring platform.

Flow monitoring

The online flow monitoring system for small and medium-sized rivers realizes real-time online monitoring of flow velocity and water level of river sections, calculates the river flow, and reports the monitoring data to the central platform in real time for users to complete data statistics and analysis.

System functions

(1) Basic functions

Collection and transmission functions: automatic collection of water level, flow velocity, flow, wind speed and direction, rainfall intensity, etc., regular self-reporting, and sending current data to the central station through the GPRS/GSM communication channel at pre-set time intervals.

(2) Alarm monitoring function

Water level and flow rate over-limit alarm: When the water level, flow rate, etc. exceed a certain specified value, an alarm will be issued.

Insufficient power supply alarm: An alarm will be issued when the power capacity of the telemetry station is lower than the set threshold value.

Equipment accident alarm: If an equipment has an accident, it will automatically alarm immediately. In order to attract the attention of the staff in time, in addition to the screen display alarm, it can also use sound, light and other methods to alarm.

(3) Video capture and transmission

The low-power video telemetry station innovatively integrates video and telemetry functions, which can realize video transmission and field data collection in a single product solution, and can also realize the linkage of video and data.