Urban road waterlogging monitoring and early warning system

With the acceleration of urbanization and the frequent occurrence of extreme weather around the world, rainstorms and typhoons have brought serious waterlogging problems to coastal cities. Urban waterlogging not only damages public facilities, but also seriously affects key systems such as transportation, electricity, and communications. In order to effectively respond to this challenge, many cities have fully deployed waterlogging monitoring systems to monitor waterlogging in real time, warn of waterlogging risks, and realize data visualization and research and analysis.

Hrunan Technology has developed a complete urban road waterlogging monitoring and early warning system based on its own industry experience . This system integrates multiple information means such as early warning, analysis, command, dispatch and disposal, which greatly improves the response capability of urban waterlogging emergency disposal, thereby reducing the losses caused by waterlogging disasters.

system introduction

The urban road waterlogging monitoring and early warning system solution is to comprehensively apply online waterlogging monitoring equipment such as liquid level sensors and smart cameras to perceive the waterlogging conditions of sections prone to waterlogging in various scenarios ( underpasses, road culverts, overpasses, main roads, pedestrian walkways, low-lying sections ) in real time and warn the center, notify the management department to issue early warning information, and guide pedestrians/vehicles to detour in advance to avoid safety accidents caused by pedestrians/vehicles mistakenly entering flooded sections, especially flooded tunnels.

system structure

The urban road waterlogging monitoring system includes a front-end acquisition and interaction subsystem, a transmission subsystem, and a back-end management platform . The front-end acquisition and interaction subsystem can sense the presence and depth of waterlogging in tunnels, culverts and other sections prone to waterlogging, as well as publish waterlogging information. The transmission subsystem connects the data obtained between the front-end devices and transmits them to the back-end management platform subsystem as needed to realize the functions of aggregation, analysis, presentation, and storage of various types of data. Through the construction and interconnection of the three subsystems, the business application of the urban road waterlogging monitoring and early warning system can be realized.

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