Irrigation water quality monitoring system

The irrigation channel water system is an important carrier of water resources, water environment and water ecology. Its resource function, ecological function and economic function are crucial to the development of economy and society. With the advancement of irrigation informationization, the monitoring of irrigation water quality has received more and more attention. In order to better understand the water quality of farmland and ensure the safety of agricultural production , it is very necessary to establish an irrigation water quality monitoring system.

Based on its own industry experience, Hrunan Technology has independently developed a complete irrigation area water quality monitoring system. By installing water quality monitoring instruments, the water quality of irrigation water can be monitored in real time, including dissolved oxygen, pH value, conductivity , ammonia nitrogen , turbidity and other indicators in the water . At the same time, the water quality of irrigation water can also be analyzed and evaluated to better understand the water quality of farmland.

system introduction

irrigation area water quality monitoring system uses the latest online water quality parameter analysis technology to continuously and automatically monitor the water quality changes of the measured water body through automatic online monitoring instruments, and collects, transmits and stores the monitoring results to timely and accurately reflect the water quality status and dynamic change trends, providing technical support for irrigation area water quality evaluation and environmental pollution control. At the same time, the water quality monitoring system can monitor the water quality parameters of the site 24 hours a day. When the water quality indicators cannot meet the needs, it can issue early warning information in the first time to remind management personnel to solve the pollution source in time and improve the rapid response capability.

System composition

irrigation area water quality monitoring system consists of a water quality cabinet , an instrument analysis unit, a water collection unit, a water distribution unit, a control unit, a data acquisition/processing/transmission unit, an auxiliary unit, a video monitoring unit, and a comprehensive lightning protection unit.

Site layout

Water quality monitoring equipment is installed in important locations, including water diversion, channel water supply, field water use, water withdrawal and other occasions. It can also be installed at important water confluences to monitor the water quality of the entire irrigation water supply process to ensure water safety.

Measuring features

According to the monitoring needs of different parts of the irrigation area, the water quality is automatically monitored for 5 parameters (temperature, pH value, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity), 7 parameters (temperature, pH value, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, total phosphorus, total nitrogen), and 9 parameters (water temperature, pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total phosphorus, total nitrogen).

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