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Provide complete solutions

Hrunan offers complete hydrology monitoring solutions & meteorological solutions.

Provide integrated hydrological monitoring instruments

we offer a complete line of Hydrology monitoring instruments including anemometers, barometers, thermometers, rain gauges, soil sensors, water sensors and accessories, a professional Hydrology monitoring system.

Provide OEM customization service

Hrunan offers wholele solution to meet different requirements from customers to provide customization services of OEM sensors.

Bespoke products and sensor solutions

After clarifying customer needs, we develop bespoke products and sensor solutions, from product design and manufacturing to integration, to best meet all the customers requirements.


Hrunan  is a privately held hydrometeorological and environmental monitoring manufacturer & solution provider of hydrological & environmental monitoring services for more than 10 years.


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Professional sales team, high-quality product and good after-sales service;
10+years industrial experience in hydrological sensors, hydrological monitoring instruments & environmental monitoring sensors.


Hrunan technical team is rich experienced.Currently, we have been working in the fields of intelligent water conservancy, intelligent irrigation district, intelligent water affairs, urban flood control, etc., and provide excellent hydrological monitoring hardware and software solutions.

Advantages Experience
Advantages Process


strict production management and layer-by-layer inspection & control, and the craftsmanship spirit of excellence ensures the outstanding quality of the products.


Hrunan has deep research and development strength, and has a solid foundation in software design and hardware development, ensuring that the development cycle of customized products is short and the overall performance is good.

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The product has passed the inspection of national authoritative organizations, has a number of invention patents, and has obtained a number of authoritative excellent software certificates in the industry.


We are committed to meeting your requirements within reasonable limits and provide professional hydrological monitoring solutions and meteorological solutions.

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Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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