What does Beijing Hrunan Technology Co.,Ltd?

As a water conservancy IoT technology enterprise that engaged in this industry for many years, Hrunan Technology integrates R&D, production, sales and services, which is a National High-Tech Enterprise and a Beijing Specialized, Refinement, Differential and Innovative Enterprise, with more than 100 intellectual property rights. The Company has participated in the formulation of multiple national industry standards and launched a series of overall solutions in four major industries:

smart water conservancy, smart irrigation area, smart water affairs and urban flood prevention.

Hrunan Technology makes full use of new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, digital twin, to build the smart water conservancy system with the functions of collection, transmission, forecasting, early warning, rehearsal and pre-planning, thus promoting the reform of water conservancy management methods and improving the safety guarantee ability for the water.

Hrunan Technology provides the water conservancy industry with a series of products and solutions including stable and reliable remote terminal unit, sensor, integrated monitoring station, integrated gate for remote observation and control, smart water conservancy cloud platform, etc.

The products passed the test of national-level authoritative organizations, and the Company has many invention patents, and obtained many certificates of excellent software and solutions which are authoritative in the industry.

Smaller, more integrated, smarter and simpler remote terminal unit series:

 (They integrate collection, communication and transmission, supporting multiple communication protocols, compatible with various video equipment and water level sensors.

They are suitable for a variety of outdoor environments, operated stably, with low power consumption and simple operation, and can be remotely controlled by mobile app)

They are widely used in smart water conservancy, water affairs, irrigation areas, urban flood prevention, etc.

Observation and control gate series integrating remote observation and control as well as measurement:

They include aluminum alloy steel cable gate, chain gate, slot gate and miniature gate, made of aviation aluminum alloy, with high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight.

They are suitable for outdoor environment without commercial power.

They realize efficient management of water resources and water-saving irrigation in irrigation area, and reduce the cost of manual management.

They are widely used in accurate control and measurement of water usage in branch canals, lateral canals and agricultural canals in irrigation areas.

Highly integrated monitoring stations:

They include highly integrated flood monitoring station, Beidou flood warning monitoring station, ecological flow monitoring station, video rainfall monitoring station, reservoir and dam safety monitoring station, agricultural meteorological monitoring station, manhole monitoring station, groundwater monitoring station, etc.

Smart water conservancy software series:

They include cloud platform, java gateway, smart water conservancy comprehensive management system, IoT assistant, mini-program, app, etc.

In the future, Hrunan will make itself as a global provider of smart water conservancy industry solutions, pushing forward the development of smart water conservancy and creating more professional, intelligent, and comprehensive technical products and solutions for the industry.

Hrunan will foster new water conservancy, new agriculture, new manufacturing, serving various industries.