Groundwater environment monitoring system

As an important part of human living space, groundwater provides high-quality freshwater resources for human beings. China’s freshwater resources are seriously insufficient, so it is necessary to conduct comprehensive monitoring of groundwater, comprehensively grasp the distribution, change patterns, water volume, water quality and other related indicators of groundwater , strengthen groundwater management, prevent groundwater over-exploitation and pollution, ensure groundwater quality and sustainable use, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.

system introduction

The solution provides groundwater seawater backflow monitoring (for coastal areas), groundwater quality safety monitoring (groundwater as a source of drinking water), groundwater special pollution early warning monitoring (groundwater monitoring at landfills, mines, petrochemical and other industrial enterprises), and groundwater sustainability monitoring (water volume early warning), so as to achieve the purpose of online monitoring equipment to monitor the water level and water quality of groundwater.


(1) To realize the collection, transmission, calculation and statistics of operating data related to groundwater, including but not limited to water level, water temperature, pH value, conductivity, turbidity, redox potential, air temperature, rainfall and other indicators, and to grasp the overall safety status of groundwater monitoring wells.

(2) Once an emergency abnormality occurs in the groundwater quality or water environment, the system can issue an early warning message in a timely manner.

( 3 ) Realize remote login, remote access, remote management, remote control and remote maintenance of the groundwater monitoring system.

System construction

(1) Construct groundwater quality monitoring stations to monitor the water quality of groundwater drinking water sources. Monitoring factors include but are not limited to temperature, pH value, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, etc.

(2) Monitor groundwater levels, mainly measuring the burial depth and elevation of static water levels.

(3) Build a software platform to display various monitoring data, generate alarms for abnormal data, and conduct operational evaluation and display of equipment.

System composition

The groundwater monitoring system solution consists of three parts: monitoring stations, communication network and software platform.

(1) Monitoring station: It consists of telemetry terminal, water level meter and water quality analyzer.

-Telemetry terminal: collects data from water level meters and transmits it wirelessly to the monitoring center, powered by high-energy lithium batteries.

-Water level meter: measures the water level in monitoring wells.

-Water quality analyzer: integrated multi-parameter water quality analyzer.

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